Required meal tickets bring little criticism

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Friday, October 20, 1961.

Meal tickets are now required as a means of identification for all dormitory students who eat in the dining hall.

These tickets will be used the entire year as a control device in order to keep out students who should not be eating there, according to Mr. J. J. Clancy, Union Director.

“It was necessary to take this step because many non-resident of the dormitories have been eating meals without paying for them,” Clancy said.

Each card contains a number that is checked off as the student passes through the line.

Student opinions are varied on this procedure, although criticism was not pronounced.

Nancy French, sophomore, feels that the method would be more effective if the students names were used instead of a number.

Karen George agreed with Nancy by saying that anyone can use someone else’s number.

“It’s not really any bother,” stated Charles Wallace. “In fact, it is more of an inconvenience for them (Personnel) than for us.

“I think it is good because it prevents others from eating what we pay for,” commented Orveda Austin.

“If the purpose is to save us money, then it’s OK,” said Allan Moorhead.

Ann Hughes had mixed feelings about the new meal tickets. She feels that a long diet might be best for her.  She has lost her ticket and also forgotten the number.