Queen, amendment on ballot tomorrow

Editor’s Note: This article was published on Tuesday, October 24, 1961.

Two election issues ail be voted on by all Washburn students carrying 12 hours or more, Wednesday, October 25.

The constitutional amendments concerning freshmen elections will be presented to the voters for ratification at this time; Homecoming Queen will be chosen.

Polls will open in front of the Morgan library and in the lobby of Stoffer at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, closing in Stoffer at 1:30 p.m. in Morgan at 3:30 p.m.

Article IX, Section 8, the proposed amendment reads:

“Student Council representatives from the freshman class shall assume office at the next regular meeting of Student Council after their election and shall serve the remainder of that spring and until the next freshman election. These representatives shall act as the representatives for the new freshmen class which enters during the following term.”

This proposal, providing that freshmen be represented during the first semester by last year’s freeman class officers, was originally submitted by Kem Lowry, May 10, 1961, and was passed by Student Council, October 18, 1961.

Cindy Ewing, president of Council, stated that there was “merit in this action, and long term results will be satisfactory.”

She emphasized that the provision would give the freshmen officer candidates “something to run on.”

A “yes” vote will provide for those officers elected by this year’s freshman class in February to remain on Council during the first semester next year to represent incoming freshman students.

A “no” vote would retain the present system and leave freshmen during the first semester represented by the nine at-large Council members who have the responsibility of representing all Washburn students.

Homecoming Queen candidates include: Alice Adell, Independent Student Association; Martha Blaisdell, Delta Gamma; Sharon Gibson, Kappa Alpha Theta; Joyce Holland, Alpha Kappa Alpha; Mary Lynn Meyers, Alpha Phi; Carol Stover, Zeta Tau Alpha; Lou Anne Taylor, Benton Hall.

The Queen will not be revealed until the half-time ceremonies during the game with Pittsburg State, Saturday. Harvey Ashworth, president of the Washburn Alumni Association will crown her and present “Her Majesty” with the traditional bouquet of roses.