Library exhibit has ALA books

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Wednesday, March 19, 1969.

Currently on exhibit in the WU library are five of the Notable Books for 1968, as designated by the American Library Assn. They are displayed in the Jesse Dean case on the main floor of the library.

Those books on display include “Antimemoires,” by Andre Malraux, of which the library retains an English translation; “Plant Dreaming Deep,” by Mary Sarton; “Tolstoy,” by Henri Troyst; “Lytton Strachey,” by Michael Holroyd, a two volume edition; and the “Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorder,” published by the New York TiMES.

These books were on the list of Notable Books published each year by the American Library Assn. The rest of the books on the list are on order and will arrive and be displayed in the future.