New features for users

Julie Knapp

Student Publications is moving further into the digital age.

Two weeks ago, the Kaw Yearbook debuted its new site to provide information on Fun Photo Days, Mugshot days and how to purchase a yearbook.

This week, the Washburn Review is debuting its new Web site that has been in the planning stages for the past couple of months. I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell people about the new features on the site.

First, the site will allow us to publish quite a few more pictures. We plan on having slideshows, and people can check out our first slideshows of Homecoming, the football game and soccer Senior Day this week.

Second, people can add RSS feeds, so they can put their favorite Washburn Review content on their homepage.

Third, when it comes to opinion content, we will be able to print a lot more Letters to the Editor and guest columnists. In the paper space does limit us from having more opinion content.

Not only will we be able to have more opinion content, but we will also be able to have more news content. We often have to cut stories because of spacial reasons in the newspaper. Online stories will be more in-depth and we will be able to have more of them.

Fourth, we will also introduce a lot more media to our site. Starting second semester, we will begin having WUCT videos, and we are in the process of learning how to build podcasts, so people can hear speeches and interviews from people across campus. People can find this media attached to the story when it’s provided.

In order to serve our readers better, it is best if they register to use this site. We are able to track what people are reading the most, and what they don’t like about the site. It also let people submit messages to us via the web.

The Washburn Review staff had a lesson in economics this year when we realized that free really is better. This Web site isn’t a substitution for the print edition, as people may see different content on both. The Web site is merely to expand beyond the content in the paper at a cheaper rate. We understand the importance of the print edition, and it is still our main priority this year.