Coffee house is needed on campus

Josh Shald; Lacey Keller

We would like to thank Editor Van Dalsem for her thoughts and consideration about WSGA’s process for bringing a coffee shop on campus. She has done a remarkable job in addressing important issues on campus. This is certainly one of them.

Let us clarify our thought process on this issue to bring a better cohesive understanding to what we are trying to accomplish. We are examining the feasibility of a coffee shop on campus. In a September 2006 survey, it was found that more than 60 percent of students would “frequent” an on-campus coffee shop. Furthermore, students from the School of Business entrepreneurial class are conducting a full-scale feasibility study for this project. We will take their results into serious consideration while furthering our endeavor and will continue working with Kansas Small Business Development Center Director Rick LeJurrne to achieve our objective most effectively.

As for location, several options are being considered and nothing is concrete at this time. We are open to a variety of locations including the Union, Mabee Library and many others. We are currently petitioning the library for 24-hour access during finals week. We believe students deserve a place on campus where they can relax, study and socialize.

We are committed to successfully serving students and are dedicated to seeing this project completed and recognize that it is a long-term process. We are an administration that has proven we listen to students and take action.

Please join WSGA at a free coffee night starting at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 15, in Stauffer Commons. When students come together for a common cause, we can achieve anything.