Take time to be an informed voter

Darin Tuck

Much of the information you hear in regards to the upcoming election is biased on both sides of the aisle, so I encourage you to first do your own fact finding before you vote on Nov. 7. Do not be swayed out of anger (as the Democrats want) or by nationalism (as the Republicans want). I encourage you to seek out to the issues and to find out what truly will happen with the people you elect. Let’s remember that you will be voting for your local officials to represent you in Congress: not President Bush or Hillary Clinton. Do not be swayed by John Kerry’s recent quotes; do not vote based on any smear you’ve seen on TV; do not be swayed by President Bush coming to your town: for these are not the intricacies of government.

I am a Republican who sees fallacies in the government we have today, and I will be the first one to admit it. They have engaged in pork barrel spending and have not responded to the immigration issue fast enough. The way to solve the education crisis is not more money (I point out that I am going to be a teacher someday, so an increase in my pay would be pretty sweet for me, but not for Kansas), so pushing more money toward it will not solve anything. I am not afraid of the Republicans losing the House. While they may try to introduce some kooky measures to rally their base, it will offer a check on Republican overspending. I know in the end that American democracy will prevail as it has in the past. America has faced more severe problems in the past and will conquer them in the end.

I am the first, and maybe the only person, who doesn’t advocate motor voter programs or “Rock the Vote” campaigns, because they only encourage the unmotivated, self-interested people of society. The people I want voting are the people who examine the issues and can make a logical judgement on the person who exemplifies themselves to represent them in the statehouse or Congress. The people who are moved or convicted by a 30-second spot on the television are the ignorant and don’t deserve to vote. The ignorant, and sadly most of the electorate, are the ones who will decide the election based on sound bytes and crafted statements which will not be reflected once office is taken. I urge you, no, I plead to you, do not be this person!

Having said this, I want more than anything for all of you to vote. People die everyday fighting for the right to vote while people cannot take an hour out of one day to get educated every other year. I just want you to refuse to listen to campaign commercials and talking heads on TV and radio. Be an informed voter who can act independently of parties and bias. Make your OWN decisions. This is what our founding fathers wanted, and it is your obligation to make sure this right is preserved.