Drunken sex has its pros and cons

Amy Dammann

After receiving this assignment, I had a little trouble beginning. How do you balance the pros and cons of drunken sex?

Hmm… Well there is the obvious downside, UNPROTECTED SEX.

It’s pretty scary in a day with STD’s, and it’s especially scary when college students are so drunk they don’t know if their acts were consensual.

Not as serious negatives include calling the old hangin’ out buddy to see if you can get together for just one more rendezvous or, even worse, the ex you promised yourself to never call again. Alcohol is a funny thing, it just makes everything seem like such a damn good idea until you wake up, roll over and realize there is someone next to you that you definitely did not want to see.

Or maybe when you find someone new who seemed cute in the drunken haze but in the morning resembles something of a Homer Simpson and then try to leave as fast as possible without it seeming obvious.

Or worse yet, maybe it meant something to one person but not the other, and then having to explain that you’ll call tomorrow, and then having to be on the look out everywhere you go as you screen all your calls.

Or the ever dreaded let down for the ladies, “I drank too much and he doesn’t want to work right now.” You’re all hyped up and ready to go, and then he can’t provide.

Now for the pros – what could be better than no strings attached, feeling hot, doing your thing, blissful drunken sex? Everyone knows what I’m talking about.

Whether with a significant other or someone you just met, being drunk definitely gives confidence and a chance to relieve stress and anxiety. Girls and guys alike forget their self-consciousness and feel free to express themselves. Real feelings come out and you may just learn something new. Maybe you will discover that your partner likes bondage, toys or talkin’ dirty. Sex could end up more passionate, rougher or more often.

In all, sex is good, it makes you feel confident about yourself as the next day you think, “I had sex and I was damn good at it.” Whether a significant other or randomness struts into your bedroom, it’s best to try and remember safety first, because it could mean a lifetime of responsibility for just one night of fun.

Here are what three Washburn students had to say about drunken sex:

“If it ain’t skin, it ain’t in.”

“If I could get more of it, I’d be a happier man.”

And my personal favorite, “I’m not a slut, I’m just sexually popular.”