Topeka Rugby Club hopeful for new complex to be ready by spring

corey garriott

Plans have been drawn up, deals have been made, and the decision is in: the Topeka Rugy Club will be getting a new complex.

Located north of the Kansas river, the complex will be built near the Sunflower Soccer Stadium. It will consist of two full-size rugby pitches, bleachers and a parking lot capacity of 50-60 cars.

“The current landowner has agreed to let us use the land for as long as we want,” said Cody Robertson, member of the rugby club. “If we want to enter into a lease or agreement, we can do that. We’ve already been over there doing work on the field, getting ready to burn it. It’s pretty much ready to play on.”

The team hasn’t invested much money so far, because financial negotiations with the landowner have not yet taken place. All they have been doing is clearing the field, but the team plans on the pitches being ready to play on in the spring.

The current pitch at McDonald Park is tucked away from traffic and public exposure, which may account for why most people don’t realize Topeka has a rugby club. Locating the new complex off highway 75 could help with that.

“I think, for the team, it would mean the opportunity for a lot more exposure,” said Robertson.

Exposure could also come in other forms with a brand new complex. Robertson said the team hopes to host weekend rugby tournaments in the future and has plans for the Sunflower State games.

“We want to eventually start doing a lot of tournaments, inviting other teams in from out of town and using that as a way to make money for the club,” said Robertson.