A few well-deserved thank yous

Julie Knapp

As with every semester in college, we have to say goodbye to some great people who are leaving Washburn.

Karl Fundenberger, Jeannine Snyder and Kasey Clark, all three members of the editorial board of the Washburn Review, will not be at Washburn next semester and I owe them a big thank you for the work they’ve done.

Fundenberger has helped us create some excellent front-page designs this semester. He has served many roles on this staff – as a writer, photographer, opinion editor and graphics editor – and he shows us every week just how talented he is. Karl often challenged me in content decisions, but his insight provided some great debates on what we should print in a student publication.

Snyder led the first Review copy staff this semester and has worked very hard to make sure there were minimal mistakes and factual errors. She exceeded my expectations in how many hours she worked and how she helped the writers improve, and I can’t thank her enough for her dedication.

Snyder and Fundenberger will study abroad in France next semester, and they will more than likely be back next year – if France doesn’t keep them.

Clark was new to the Review this year and has helped us make the new transition with our Web site. We couldn’t have done many things without his knowledge, and he has left us with a lot of ideas and goals for the future of the site. Clark enjoyed doing his portion of the job in the middle of the night, and I will miss his phone calls in the early morning telling me the server crashed, or my favorite, “I caught a mistake, is there anything we can do about that now?”

While these three are leaving the Review, we are bringing three talented people to the Review editorial board – Kylie Gilstrap, Aaron Deffenbaugh and Caron Handcock – but we will still miss them, and I thank them very much for their hard work this past semester.