Getting to Vegas is as easy as sin

Amy Dammann

For something fun and exciting this winter holiday, try a flight on Allegiant Air.

For as little as $69.00 each way, Allegiant Air flies directly from Topeka via Forbes Field to America’s Playground – Las Vegas, Nevada. The flight leaves 7:50 p.m. every Friday with an arrival time of 8:50 p.m. in Las Vegas. The return flight is 7:10 p.m. Mondays.

This weekend getaway can be the perfect cheap escape from a monotonous school and work week. People can easily book tickets through Allegiant Air’s Web site, The site also includes bookings for hotels, shows, rental cars and shuttle services.

Any of the lovely hotels in Las Vegas are a click away at cheaper prices than other Web sites. Hotels range from around $300 and up, which is not bad for a three night stay especially when you split the room with others. From booking online, you can earn rewards, such as two-for-one spa treatments, $25 dining gift certificates, two-for-one show offers and much more.

Shows in Las Vegas are usually a hit and always a fun sidetrack from the booze and gambling. Most start out around $75, but if you can book from Allegiant, you can earn two-for-one deals.

Although rental car service is not exactly necessary in the sin city, some might want to venture outside the strip, and it usually runs about $18 a day. Shuttle service is $12 a person, but you might want to think twice because a cab ride to the strip from the airport is only $10.

When purchasing flights from Allegiant make sure to watch your selections, because a seat selection will cost $11 more. If you go the cheaper route and choose no seat assignment, you can ask to sit with those you’re traveling with when you get to the ticket counter, and they will try to assign your party together. Also the airline charges $4 per bag, so it is your call as to what you put down.

The actual flight itself to Vegas is a fun one. Everyone is in a good mood and ready to party. The flight attendants play a gambling game on-board and one person winds up winning around $150.

It is a 2-hour-and-45-minute flight that goes by in no time, but drinks are not cheap. Beer will cost you $6 and soda $2. Souvenirs, such as magnets, pens and model airplanes, are also available if you remember your loved ones who couldn’t make the trip.

Flight attendants will also try to sell you a VIP pass for $100 that gets you into clubs without paying cover costs and you get to hop to the front of very long lines. In my own personal experience, this pass is not needed. All along the strip, VIP passes are passed out to the young for a $5 tip and work just fine.

Take a chance and bet on Allegiant Air. Not only are they in town – so no more driving to Kansas City – the parking is only a flat $2 fee. It is a chance to get away and do something fun for your winter holiday.

So pack light and grab your friends for a cheap weekend. Remember, what happens in Vegas, should definitely stay in Vegas.