Grime, cheap beer await at dives – Part 3

Melissa Treolo

On the corner of 10th and Watson is a bar that boasts a certain sense of humor. “Helping Ugly People Have Sex Since 1938!” is on the back of each Goose One Sports Bar & Grill matchbook and above the bar counter a sign reads “Happiness is seeing your mother-in-law’s picture on a milk carton.”

I have fond memories of the place.

I remember one Sunday of getting out of work relatively early and coming to the Goose One with friends for an afternoon beer. That one beer soon turned into a drunken game of quarters that lasted for the duration of the afternoon and most of the evening.

I’m horrible at quarters and had to chug many beers so, actually, my memory of that day isn’t so great. But I did learn something from the experience: The Goose One is a bar that reels you in and there is something about the place that makes it very hard to leave.

Despite this phenomenon, or perhaps because of it, the Goose One is usually busy and the patrons are as diverse as the over forty different kinds of beers offered.

Come in around five in the evening and the bar will be packed with those of the middle-aged variety, there to shoot a couple of racks on the single pool table and to drink whatever beer happens to be on special. Come in a little bit later and a much different crowd will be getting their drink on around the scattered booths and tables.

“It’s extremely busy late at night with a pretty young crowd,” said Caitlin Wheeler, bartender and manager. “A lot of the service industry crowd comes in after getting off of work.”

The Goose One has drink specials every night. Food is also offered and I would recommend The Goose, a concoction of turkey, cheddar cheese and jalapeno jelly sandwiched between sourdough bread.

This bar is a great place to drink a couple of beers while watching the game or to enjoy a cocktail in the patio outside on those weather-permitting evenings. But make sure you’ve got a lot of time on your hands when making a trip to the Goose One. You may not be leaving for awhile.