Organizations may still take advantage of WSGA resources

Faith Griffin

There is still time for student organizations to request money from WSGA for funding events and conferences.

At the beginning of the school year, $88,000 was available for allocations for student organizations. Currently, WSGA has allocated $25,000. Five thousand dollars will be given to student organizations that have requested funding this week. The budget is divided into two semesters, with $44,000 for the first semester, and the same for second semester. Since the all the money was not allocated, the remainder of that money runs over to second semester. Student organizations can request money for funding trips and events.

Jessica Bergmann, budget director of WSGA, was not surprised to see such a great amount carried over to second semester.

“Student organizations usually have more events planned in the spring than the fall,” said Bergmann.

The process to get funding is simple. The organization must first fill out the request sheet, available in the WSGA office. A representative from that student organization then must go to an allocations meeting to request the money 15 days before the date of the event.

WSGA wants the organizations to be informed that there is money available, said Bergmann. Fall of 2005, WSGA hosted the COPS meeting. This meeting allowed the leaders of the organizations know how to request funding and the rules and regulations that come along with receiving money allocated from WSGA.

Liaisons have been distributed to all student organizations. This program was designed to help the student organizations to freely ask a WSGA representative questions that need to be answered. Liaison are available to answer any questions about how to receive money.

Leslie Marcuson, senior history secondary education major and member of LinC, is no stranger to allocations.

“It [allocations meeting] was good. I’ve been there many times. They look for community service, when you need the money and when you will be going on the trip, and also how will that conference be beneficial,” said Marcuson.

LinC will be going to the Camps Outreach Opportunity League conference. Several national non-profit organizations attend this conference. LinC has been funded to go to this conference every year, for about 19 years.

Though there was no preconceived fear about going to allocations for Marcuson, allocations was a brand new process for Surkeita Townsel, junior nursing major and president of new student organization, NAACP, which will attend the Big 12 conference.