Parking place problem persists

Hopefully the article “Student Involved in Parking Altercation,” (2/13) will open the administration’s eyes to the fact that the current parking situation at Washburn is garbage and that without more parking, students are willing to ignore, or aim their frustrations at ‘parking cadets.’ Maybe the limited parking is part of some social experiment designed to test students’ resolve. Or, maybe the administration isn’t concerned – don’t they have reserved parking spots? In any case, the relatively recent de-designation of ‘public’ parking spots to maintenance sports is another thumbing-of-the-nose to students. On top of that, the administration decides to hold spots in reserve for sporting events. Brilliant.

I feel sympathy for the vigilante student mentioned in the article. Hey Farley, et all., “Wake-Up!” Either deputize and arm your ‘cadets,’ or approve construction of another parking lot (the latter being the more reasonable of the two aforementioned options). In any event, quit ignoring the problem and provide a solution.

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