Bods get a tough test from alumni

Mike Ditch Jr.

With almost as many players in street clothes, as there were suited up for Friday’s game, the Ichabods beat the Washburn Alumni team 79-77. Junior transfer, Rashad Adams, led the Bods in scoring with 19 points and 12 rebounds. Leading the way for the alumni team were former Ichabods, Jeremy Cunningham with 18 points, and Brian Bassmore with nine rebounds. Sophomore transfer, Dylan Channel, also had a double-double, 11 points and 10 boards, for the Bods.

At times. the play reminded the fans that this was indeed the first game of the season for the Bods. There were 36 overall turnovers, only nine Ichabod assists and a combined total of 49 fouls. Despite these facts, the Bods had stretches where they looked solid against a team that was bigger and stronger. A testament to their hustle and athleticism was the fact they outscored the alumni in the paint and had the advantage on the glass. The dominating statistic of the night was the Bods’ ability to score 25 points off alumni turnovers.

Throughout the second half, it appeared the Bods had the game in hand, but a valiant effort by the alumni team made the game close in the end. The Bods’ lead was whittled down to three points with 36 seconds to go. A pair of free throws by guard Kyle Fisher gave the Bods a five-point lead, but a near halfcourt toss by former Bod Todd Alexander that went in at the buzzer, cut the final margin to two points.

It appears that the Ichabods will have a couple of players who can penetrate defenses this season. Both Adams and J.B. Wagner were able to dazzle the crowd with their athleticism and tenacity when heading through the lane and have the ability to finish. Also prevalent in Friday’s game was the leadership and maturity of senior guard Kris Milburn. Milburn’s poise and experience seemed to rub off on his counterparts, as the offense was obviously more synchronized with him running the point.

Injuries have set back the Ichabods quite a bit this season. The lack of height and bench depth could pose critical problems for the Bods this season.

“Tonight we were able to go small and run. We were very smooth in transition, but we need to work on the set offenses still,” said red shirt freshman Paul Byers.

Byers also received accolades from Coach Chipman after the game.

“Paul was great tonight. He played a phenomenal game, and we’re going to need someone to step up every night,” said Chipman.

Chipman also said that the Ichabods would look at the positives from the game in the following film session and continue to work on the defense. Rashad Adams was also quick to notice some things the team needs to work on to improve.

“We played as a team tonight which is great, but we need to close out the game, which we didn’t get done tonight. We need to work on our transition defense, fundamentals, and moving the ball. I think we did a great job of pushing the ball and setting the tone tonight.”

The Ichabods’ next, and last, exhibition game is at 7:30 p.m. this Tuesday at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas . The shared mentality amongst the team is to make the game a competitive one that’s beneficial for both teams. Junior guard, Wagner realizes the uniqueness of playing a division one opponent on their home court.

“Going up there Tuesday will be a great opportunity for us. We get to play in a stadium where some great players have played, and we are looking forward to the experience,” said Wagner.