Multicultural Affairs: Pow Wow

Jessica Conway

On Friday, Nov. 18 Multicultural Affairs strutted their stuff at the third annual Indigenous Nations Pow wow.

The pow wow is headed by Native American students at Washburn that are part of the Indigenous Nations Student Association (INSA). They choose a head staff from the local area to help coordinate this function.

This year the pow wow hosted a number of occasions including many dances and a few awards. They started it off with a grand entry of all the dancers together, lead by a color-guard, then the head staff, the jingle girls, the shawl girls and the traditional girls. Also included in the dancing was a group of junior boys and girls and a tiny tots division. Each group performed their own dances for the audience, and there were two all group dances that included the Potato dance, and a street clothes dance where anyone could dance.

After the dances are over, a best dancer was chosen from the street clothes dance and given an award. Multicultural Affairs director and participant in the pow wow, Dona Walker, said she believes the pow wow is important for Washburn and its students.

“I think it is important for college students and their traditions. It’s an opportunity to come and be a part of the native culture,” said Walker.

Walker said she hopes they can host an event like this again next year.

“I think it went well. Every year we seem to grow a little bit more. It takes a lot of work but its always worth it at the end,” said Walker. “It’s up to the new leaders next year, but we hope to host another pow wow.”