Volunteers victims of vandalism

Faith Griffin

Seven volunteers at the KTWU auction, held last week, left the station and realized they were victims of vandalism. The windshields of their cars were broken and smashed in.

According to the Washburn police, the people that committed this crime are unknown.

While Washburn University police have reviewed the security tape, they discovered it may be harder to identify the criminals, because blocking the security camera was a semitrailer, which was parked in front of the cars.

“We don’t think the people who committed this crime knew that the semitrailer was blocking the security camera,” said Dean Forster, director of university police.

The police are still determined to find out who is responsible for the vandalism, even though they are hindered at this point.

“The crime was not directed at a particular person and we don’t think the people that were involved were Washburn students,” said Forster.