SRWC offers support for New Year’s resolutions

corey garriott

Drunken encounters with “ociffers,” balls dropping and failed resolutions are staples of a new year.

The SRWC is seeing to the latter matter by offering Resolution Solution for the third straight year, the SRWC’s first and longest running program.

“It’s an incentive program to pick the people up who were on a New Year’s resolution that had maybe fallen off,” said Becky Wilber, assistant director of the SRWC.

“The majority of New Year’s resolutions, studies have shown, are to lose weight or start working out, things like that,” said Wilber. “So this is a program that touches on that.”

Entries were due last Friday, but teams can still participate if they contact Wilber by Friday, Jan. 26 for a weigh-in.

Participants will enter in teams of five and earn points for their team through completing activity and nutrition challenges along with losing weight. The program is 12 weeks in length, marked by three weigh-ins in which challenge sheets are also turned in.

“It’s really one of the biggest programs we do because it’s so long,” said Wilber. “There is a lot involved, but it’s not like it’s an overwhelming program because a lot of it is a choice to attend some of the sessions.”

One of Resolution Solution’s focuses is on helping people make a lifestyle change. Wilber says it takes anywhere from 8-12 weeks, sometimes even up to 16 weeks, to make a true lifestyle change, and this program is designed for that.

One of many past participants who were successful in the program is Nancy Platte, a records assistant in the registrar’s office. She lost 16 pounds participating in the program.

“The weight came off very easily when I followed the program,” said Platte. “It is a very good program.”

In addition to the weight loss, Platte also went a step further and made a lifestyle change.

“I found that I ate much healthier when I was doing the program. No. 1 because I wanted to lose the weight and No. 2 because I was following a guide that they gave us,” said Platte. “I felt much, much better. Becky and the staff are wonderful to work with.”

The next success story is just an entry form away. For those who are unsure about joining, therein lies their answer.

“Give it a try,” said Joel Bluml, SRWC director. “If you’re on the fence, it’s always better to try it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”