Fashion for the frugal

Melissa Treolo

The most wonderful, and for many of us, poor time of year is fast approaching. Christmas is the annual stimulus for family togetherness, kisses under the mistletoe, liquored-up eggnog and, yes, gift expenditures that may leave more than a few bank accounts desolate and overdrawn.

For those of us who still want to hold on to our fashion savvy street cred, but can’t afford those Dior slingbacks we’ve been eying due to our tremendous sense of holiday-appropriate generosity, there is hope.

Got 30 bucks?

Brittany Stephenson and Leighanna Martin, experts with a mannequin and retail salesclerks at Branded on 2113 S.W. Belle, have pulled a few looks from the many eclectic racks of used and name-branded (hence the name) clothing at their store that are under a very bank-account friendly $30 price range.


(And if you should happen to feel a twinge of guilt about shopping for yourself this holiday season, remember spending all your money on gifts for friends and family is sweet, but spending a little on yourself to look like the fashionista you are while giving said gifts is divine).