Opinion: BCS system finally pulls through

Mike Ditch Jr.

Sure the BCS helped my Huskers make it to the national championship game in 2001 after getting slaughtered by the Buffaloes. That loss to K-State by Oklahoma in ’02 was simply a fluke, and since when do conference championship games count? Yes, I thought Auburn deserved a shot last year, but Oklahoma and USC were the two best teams last season.

After all of these statements the Selection Committee finally got it right this year. There was that possibility that Texas or USC could lose, but everyone knew it couldn’t happen. Their dominance, coupled with Alabama’s self-destruction and my Wolverines’ last second victory over Penn State, made it fairly simple for the BCS to put the best two teams in the Championship game this year.

Anyone who has seen either team on SportsCenter or live, knows that both teams have been dominating their competition similar to the way I destroy my opponents on my Xbox. Bush and Young look they are men playing against middle schoolers. Leinart seems to be passing against an empty secondary every week, and both defenses look like they’re five steps faster than their competition. It’s easy to see why the BCS couldn’t screw this year up.

However, they will not be so lucky in the future, and this is why they have to develop a feasible playoff system. Division 1-AA, D-2, and D-3 all have playoff systems, why are the conferences so adamant about not having one? Like everything else, it comes down to money. Don’t be fooled when the conferences complain about taking school time away from the students to play the playoffs. Don’t let coaches trick you into believing there wouldn’t be enough time to prepare each week.

The simple fact is that the number of bowls would have to be reduced. Which leads to a decrease in sponsors, which leads to a decrease in the almighty dollar. The BCS finally admitted they need to look into the ‘and-one’ system for seasons when there are more than two undefeated teams. To me it seems simple, if you make a great deal of money and interest off of a basketball tourney, why not do the same thing with football? Then again, common sense doesn’t exactly run rampant amongst the executives of the BCS.