SRWC punches up participation in group exercise classes

corey garriott

Students are once again being rewarded for pursuing a healthy lifestyle through SRWC programs.

The SRWC, which provides many incentive-based programs to lead students towards a healthier lifestyle, is now providing a group exercise punch card. Students who attend 30 group exercise classes will be rewarded not only with better physical health, but with a prize as well.

“We’ve had a little bit of a challenge in consistency in attendance,” said Becky Wilber, SRWC assistant director. “So I developed the group exercise punch card so that if someone attends 30 classes they can trade this card in for a prize.”

The group exercise card can be picked up after attending one of the classes and punched by the instructor of the class. Participants can only receive a prize for attending 30 classes in the semester the punch card was issued and can only receive one prize per semester.

“It’s just something we’re going to try and hopefully it will increase our retention rate and help people try something new,” said Wilber.

A variety of group exercise classes are offered by the SRWC, so everyone should be able to find something that will fit their taste. Eleven classes are currently being offered this semester and Wilber is hopeful the punch card will add incentive to try new classes, or to just get started.

“Someone may find a niche; someone may find something that they really truly enjoy,” said Wilber.

“It’s a simple deal. Come to class, get your card punched and when you fill it up you get a prize.”