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Pic Caption: Mr. Cooksey had an amazing First Year Experience teaching at Washburn and looks forward to teach more students, get more engaged at washburn and in the community as well.

Mr.Todd Cooksey has been working at the Mathmateics Department since August 2018. He did his Bachelors from The University of Kansas and  completed Master of Arts from University of Oklahoma in 2018. He taught in high school at Western Kansas for a while.

Mr. Cooksey said,”I choose Washburn because I was originally from Northwest Kansas and Washburn has a small class size which is really importnat for both students and professors. Washburn feels like a community. As I am from a really small town I feel like Washburn sort of got that feel. Even the Mathatics Department is small so I felt like I was a member of the department immidately.”

“Teaching at Washburn so far has been great and I will be more than happy to work at washburn for a longer period. All my students have been doing fine though it’s completely different then the high school students I had taught”, said Mr. Cooksey.

Mr. Cooksey mentioned that, he has been teaching four classes per semester which are three credits each named; Contemporary College Math (MA 112) and College Alzebra (MA 116).

” I like MA 112 more because the contents are really fun to teach and I have seen that a lot of first year students come into maths classes with a sort of fear or hatred for maths. Some students have a self doubt in themselves. So, I feel like when students take this class it really changes their view towards maths as it has intresting topics and students get an oppoutnity to get themselves out from the fear of maths,” said Mr.Cooksey.

“Our math department has been working on redeveloping Math 112; that is  comtemporary college math”, said Mr.Cooksey.

“The key for being successful in maths is to figure out how to do it and work really hard for it. The main thing that holds student back is they don’t know how to work hard and put in time and effort. If students just even give one hour each day they will really improve in maths”, said Mr.Cooksey.