Koyotes find new coach, still looking to fill key positions at upcoming tryouts

Nathan Miller

Three straight APFL World Championships, and you wouldn’t think rebuilding was needed. But with the sudden resignation of Head Coach Warren Seitz in the off season, and the usual turnover rate of players, Kansas Koyote and APFL President, Ralph Adams, is doing exactly that, rebuilding.

“We are excited about putting together another championship squad that will represent Topeka and northeast Kansas. We are looking for our fourth straight APFL Championship this upcoming season,” said Adams.

Adams laid the foundation as the calendar was winding down in 2005, by announcing the hiring of Jim Green as head coach for the Kansas Koyotes.

“Topeka has a tradition of winning and I believe that Jim Green is the man that will help us continue on bringing championship football to northeast Kansas for years to come,” said Adams.

Green is no stranger to indoor arena football, nor the Koyote organization. Green played for Kansas State in the early ’80s for semi-pro and arena teams into the late ’80s and served as the Koyotes assistant coach a couple years back, before the introduction of the Seitz era.

Green was actually a possible candidate for the Koyote job after the organization’s first year, but was unable to take the position, and Seitz was awarded the job. The Koyotes won two APFL Championships and remained undefeated under Seitz. Seitz left during the off season because of apparent payment problems.

“We have our coaching staff in place and are all very anxious to get this season started. In meetings I have held with our coaches, I have felt a great deal of energy and excitement going into forming another championship team for Topeka,” said Green.

Head coach, assistant coaches, foundation, support beams, now all Adams needs is the foremen or players to put the dynasty back together. The Koyotes held tryouts on Dec. 18, and had quite the turnout, but not enough to make a complete team.

“We are still looking to fill some of the key positions,” said Green.

The Koyotes will be holding tryouts at 7 p.m. Feb. 1 at Landon Arena.

“We will be looking for championship caliber players at all the positions, especially the offense, at this final tryout,” said Green.

Conditioning will start right after the final tryout in February, and then training camp will begin in March, before the Koyotes defend their title for the first time in April. The Koyotes are undefeated throughout their three-year history.

Players wishing to pre-register for the tryout can contact the Koyotes at (785) 228-0729 or stop by the office at 4121 SW Twilight Drive. The registration fee for the tryout is $50 cash or money order only. Players can also register on the day of the tryout.