Library taking assessment of students’ thoughts

Faith Griffin

Shelves stacked high with books is often the image that a student creates when they think of the library.

Several students use the library to study and for school related reasons, while others are still strangers. The mission of the Mabee Library is to provide user-centered support for teaching and learning within the context of the University academic plan.

Students have often expressed concerns that they have about the library. Judy Druse, assistant director for public services for Mabee Library, is not surprised by the comments that the students have made. Much of what the students are saying was in the LibQUAL survey that was taken in April 2005.

“The library is a quiet place to study, but could be a little more updated,” said Brandee Pilcher, a senior business management.

Though the library may be a quiet place to study, the number of visits that some students take to the library are few.

“I never come to the library unless I have to. I’m a senior and this is the third time I’ve been to the library,” said Kelli Morris, a senior elementary education major.

Some students do not go to the library to use library sources on a consistent basis, but still find the library very helpful.

“I’ve been in the library three times this semester to check e-mail or just to read for projects,” said Andy Hess, junior history major.

Students find other resources in the library helpful including the electronic classroom.

“I went to the electronic classroom for a class in the library. It was very helpful. It showed us how to get resources for research papers,” said Sam Villeareal, junior secondary education major.

Easy comprehension of the library system is also a desired characteristic that the students would like the library to possess.

“I find the library system confusing. I just don’t find the people there as helpful as they could be,” said Casey Roberts, a sophomore elementary education.

Some students however disagreed on the assistance they received from the library staff.

“I found the people helpful. They point out where the resources are and I found it without any complications,” said Ricky Prato, freshman elementary education major.

Although there are two different opinions of the quality of staff help, LibQual still addresses this issue as an area that needs to be improved.

The library will continue to make changes every year to accommodate what the students want.

“We are not here for our own benefit,” said Druse, “but we are here to help the students the best way we can”.