Steinbrock enjoying his career with Washburn sports

corey garriott

Amid rumors of him leaving, Bruce Steinbrock, program and sports director for WIBW AM 580 radio, has denied having anything imminent, or actively looking for another position.

“No [the rumors are false], and really, when I got this job, they found me,” said Steinbrock, who also does play-by-play broadcasting of Washburn games for AM 580. “If a job finds me, it finds me. I don’t send out resumes, I don’t send out tapes. Working where I work, I am very satisfied with the career that I have, the life that I have. Unless it was something that I couldn’t turn down, this is where I’ll be for a long time.”

While not wanting to uproot his family, Steinbrock won’t rule out the possibility of moving on elsewhere in the future.

“To say that I wouldn’t aspire to be at a pro basketball, pro football or pro baseball level [radio announcer], I mean absolutely,” said Steinbrock. “But those [jobs] don’t come around. Those take knowing some people and it also takes talent. You’ve got to really prepare and make sure that you’re being as good at your craft as you can be.”

Even if an opportunity presented itself, Steinbrock wonders why he would even feel the need to leave, citing the sports they cover with how the football team has become a force so quickly, the Lady Blues basketball team gunning for four straight MIAA titles and the Ichabods basketball team being led by Bob Chipman for 27 years and compiling over 600 wins.

“You’re working with some of the great coaches out there,” said Steinbrock.

No matter what though, Steinbrock is making a living doing something that he enjoys. He doesn’t just report the stories, he takes a vested interest in them.

“Just being involved in the game,” said Steinbrock, “being able to cover high school and college level [athletics], you get to see people grow, and I think that’s the fun thing.”