KTWU membership drive raises money

Faith Griffin

KTWU Membership drive is up and going as they try to reach their goal of raising $75, 000.

KTWU encourages all people in the surrounding area to support the local television station. Pledges to help this television station were accepted until Dec.11. Pledges were donated in hopes of seeing the longevity of KTWU.

Monday through Friday the pledges began at 7 p.m. and ended at 11 p.m., and were on Saturday and Sunday pledges are being accepted all day. Breaks were taken in between programs on channel 11 to ask for pledges. As of Wednesday, $39,000 had been raised for KTWU.

KTWU has viewer support from eastern Kansas to the Oklahoma border. When people pledge they will receive a program each month.

Also as a member they will become a friend and will have the opportunity to fill out a survey stating what programs they watch the most and what improvements KTWU can make. Although, the viewer opinion is valued they cannot accommodate to all that the audience want to see.

“Our local TV funding comes from the everyday people that watch the station and want to see it continued and help by pledging. That’s how we purchase future shows; from individuals that pledge,” said Elaine Gill, assistant development director for KTWU.

Special members also have the chance to participate as the audience in the movie review show Isle Seat, on Thursdays. There is a $11 fee per year for a membership card. Members also have the opportunity to attend movie premiers and be eligible for DVD give-a-ways.

The Topeka Symphony is featured in the December 2005 viewer guide issue. The Topeka Symphony celebrated 60th anniversary and was taped in the White Concert Hall. The Topeka Symphony Orchestra joined with the Topeka Festival Singer, the Washburn University choir and soloists (KTWU Viewer Guide).

KTWU caters to the young and old and wants to see more young adults get involved.

“We would love to have Washburn students get involved. Students can volunteer. We have training for cameras, floor managing and lighting. They can work behind the scenes,” said Gill.

Kemi Odusoga, a freshman criminal justice major, works for KTWU.

“I run tapes, and help with the production by lighting and assisting when ever needed,” said Odusoga.”I think it’s a good station and a good source of education.”

March will be the next fundraising drive. Students can volunteer to answer phones for pledges.

Free food is provided for students that volunteers, with the food being provided by local restaurants. Pledges take place in the evening from 7-11 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays that run all day.