Decoding the opposite sex

Sarah Madl

I know I am not the only single lady who has wondered what guys find attractive in women and vice versa. What do they find least attractive? What is more important – brains or looks? These are a few of the questions I sought answers too. In my quest for a new perspective on this matter, I talked to five males and five females around campus for a little insight.

What is it you find attractive in the opposite sex?

Katelyn Cummings: Humor is the first thing I notice, confidence is always good.

Emily Leakey: Dark eyes, a little muscle. Tall, dark and handsome pretty much. He also has to have a great personality and a sense of humor.

Jessica Halpin: Godliness, kindness and an accent doesn’t hurt any either.

Allison Smith: I notice nice teeth and shoes first thing.

Carrie Drexler: Physically, I notice eyes. I love maturity and a sense of humor.

Lucas Whippo: Confidence and personality

Paul Kirkwood: Sense of humor and kindness are great. I look for smarts too.

Jared Martin: Eyes and lips are the first thing I notice physically. A good personality and the presence of a brain.

Tyson Sterling: She has to be easy to talk to. I have to find her funny and she has to find me funny. I like friskiness!

Jeremy Knee: Athleticism.

What do you find least attractive in the opposite sex?

KC: Cockiness

EL: Bad breath, gross teeth and body odor. I hate it when a guy has a beer belly.

JH: I hate arrogance and when a guy is too put together and you can tell.

AS: I hate it when a guy wears his pants around his ass. He can’t be dirty either.

CD: Disrespect for authority and peers.

LW: Someone who is conceited or constantly pissy.

PK: When they don’t take care of themselves.

JM: Shallowness, cockiness and unacceptance.

TS: Talking too much but also not enough; there has to be a balance. I don’t like a couch potato. She has to be athletic.

JK: I hate laziness. It’s gross when she doesn’t take care of herself.

Which is more important brains or looks?

KC: Looks attract but there has to be more to it.

EL: A combination, he can’t be stupid or nasty. He has to have the whole package.

JH: Brains.

AS: A little bit of both but he has to be able to carry on a conversation.

CD: Brains.

LW: Brains.

PK: Yes.

JM: Brains, a combination but more brains than anything.

TS: Brains, beauty doesn’t last forever.

JK: Brains, if you can’t have an intelligent conversation it’s not going to work out.