Bloggers are really just a bunch of rebels

Julie Knapp

The weather was horrible last Tuesday and my mother told me I shouldn’t go to a blogging event in Lawrence that night. Like almost every college student, I rebelled and decided to go anyway.

“Blogging to the Chief” at the Dole Institute of Politics brought in people who write for Daily Kos and Powerline, among other popular political blogs. They all talked politics – which candidate was using the Internet as the best tool and the future of political bloggers. But throughout the hour and a half event, I realized that bloggers are just what I was – a rebel, only they were rebelling against the American media.

We have the impression all American media should be objective. People are quick to point out papers like the Washington Post and the New York Times that swing to the left, as if it’s something that should not happen. We say journalism should be the most objective form of writing – but it’s not always what we really go for.

In Britain, media points out their bias, and that’s how people prefer it.

With the amount of people who read a blog like Daily Kos- over one million hits a week – one could theorize this is what the American people want, but aren’t willing to admit because they still have this idea of traditional media in their heads.

Fox News has a right-wing bias, and it’s shining through more every time I watch the channel. With their “half – hour news hour” to counter John Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” and the new “Hannity’s America,” it’s getting more conservative by the day. My favorite part is their new in-house commercial – “America has its problem – America is not the problem.”

Despite this obvious bias, Fox News is the highest rated news cable channel in the nation. Their anchors’ books are some of the top-selling ones in the nation. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t because they’re good, it’s because people agree with them and are intrigued by what they have to say next.

Blogs are utilizing this same methodology as the British media and Fox News – admitting a bias, hoping it turns people to their site. Since blogs are now being used as a form of media on traditional news sites, such as, this very well could be the beginning of the end of traditional media in the United States.