So what about the pool again

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Over 500 students signed a petition a few weeks ago to “save the pool” when the Board of Regents were trying to decide which facility to renovate for the Strength and Conditioning Facility.

Almost a dozen people spoke to the Board of Regents in support of renovating Whiting Field House instead of Garrett Natatorium. They met little opposition from the Regents, and then claimed they “saved the pool.”

Little has been done since then. People still aren’t aware of the hours, and the issue has become dead. We thought people were going to try and get the word out about the pool. The only words going out about the pool are the same old jokes that have been circulating forever. Like, if we wanted to hang out alone and wet, we’d sit in our shower. At least there we don’t have to deal with people doing crazy things off of the diving boards.

It seems to us this was nothing but a bandwagon effect campaign. Someone got mad that the pool might close, got a bunch of people to support them, and when they won, didn’t believe anything else needed to be done.

Just because something is going to change doesn’t mean everyone should panic and start writing their names and WIN numbers on a piece of paper someone shoves in their face.

Change can be good. We aren’t saying petitions or calls to arms aren’t sometimes called for – they are. However, it should not be in response to some random, flash-in-the-pan movement. We don’t care how many guys dress up in swim trunks and water wings. That made a point, but if you want to be taken seriously, they should have thought about their attire. Slacks in front of a group of respected professionals are always a good choice.

So now that people “saved the pool” it’s time to do something with it. Nothing is saved through a couple of flyers around campus with the hours, and a Facebook group is nothing but a fad. Although, we heard rumors of hosting pool parties in there. We would advise against this, mostly because a good portion of college students outgrew indoor pool parties by the age of 12, and do you really want to have a pool party catered by Chartwells?