Fake fire alarms in LLC becoming a concern

Pamela Portocarrero-Beltran

“Attention, Attention. An emergency has been reported.”These are some of the most dreaded words at the LLC.

During the past month, students have been complaining about spending a part of their nights outside freezing when there is a fire alarm.

Benjamin McCabe, assistant director of residential living, explained that the reasons for the false alarms varies. McCabe said this happens because the system is too sensitive and can be activated easily. He also said it happens when someone sets an alarm off intentionally.

According to McCabe there is a “Crime Stopper Program” for reporting these kinds of cases. The program works with the help of students, he said. There is a reward for information leading to an arrest. Last year, a person was apprehended that proved to be responsible for a false alarm.

When this happens, the person has to go through a judicial process McCabe said. He also said he understands that staying outside for 45 minutes can be difficult, but is required as a security measure. He said if there was an actual fire or other serious situation the residents would go to the Union and wait until the threat has passed.

Another concern expressed by residents is they are not kept informed about the situation while they wait outside in the cold. McCabe said he tries to keep all the residents informed, but does not always have an answer until the fire department gives him an all clear for the building.

McCabe specifically mentioned the fact that recently fewer people are evacuting their hall because they believe the alarms are fake.

“You do not want to guess, because if you ever guess wrong, nothing good can come of that,” said McCabe.