Sharky’s not your usual sports bar

Josh Nicolay

With football season now officially over, the humdrum appeal of your favorite sports bar may be temporarily stagnant.

If you’re looking to get away from your usual bar routine, then check out Sharky’s Tiki Bar and Grill, located at 28th and Fairlawn, just across from the Static Bar. Formally know as Chasers, Sharky’s has traded the pool hall demeanor for something a little more laid back and non-assuming: the tiki bar persona.

Despite Chasers’ reputation as a pool hall, Sharky’s has more of the classic bar atmosphere, replacing most of the billiard tables with tables and chairs (a few pool tables are still available for those wishing to get away from the resonance of the jukebox). A change in ambiance can’t be without a change in décor and Sharky’s stands up to the tiki bar label, garnishing the bar with bamboo, grass and sand. Sharky’s even themed their in-house stage appropriately enough to garner the title of “tiki bar.” Thursday is Karaoke night, offering cash prizes to those with the best talent (or just enough liquid courage under their belt). Daily drink specials are competitive with most other places around town, so finding a night which caters to your explicit alcohol needs is easy.

On Wednesday, Feb. 14, Sharky’s will host the Dueling Pianos, an interactive performance in which members of the audience choose what the musicians will play. Based out of Salt Lake City, Dueling Pianos performs top 40 hits covering the past 50 years, all at the request of the audience.