Greeks work on recruitment; sororities have low turnout

Greeks work on recruitment; sororities have low turnout

Formal spring sorority recruitment was held on Washburn University’s campus from Wednesday, Jan. 24 to Friday, Jan. 26. The four sorority houses that participated were: Alpha Phi, Delta Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta and Zeta Tau Alpha. House tours, philanthropy and bid day were the different themes. This was the first time formal spring recruitment was held, and only four women participated.

“We would’ve loved to have a more successful recruitment,” said Marsha Carrasco-Cooper, director of Student Activities and Greek Life. “The girls involved had a great time and it was good practice for the sororities involved for fall recruitment.”

During formal recruitment, the Panhellenic Council, governing body for the sororities on campus, is in charge of publicity, training recruitment counselors, registering the participating women and making sure recruitment guidelines are followed. Panhellenic also plans structured themes each day. However, during informal recruitment, the women participating are not required to register, and each individual sorority organizes their own events.

According to Carrasco-Cooper, timing and winter break contributed to so few women choosing to participate in spring recruitment.

“Recruitment is usually a fall event,” said Carrasco-Cooper. “It’s hard to advertise [spring recruitment] over the holidays, that puts up a challenge.”

She said the sororities discussed canceling recruitment due to lack of participation. However, they decided not to because they wanted to make spring recruitment a great and valuable experience for the women involved, and they didn’t want to cheat any of the women from seeing each house.

Amber Brady, member of Kappa Alpha Theta, thought recruitment could have been more successful if they had more time to advertise it.

“We had a flyer on Facebook and tables in the Union, but I don’t know how many girls saw the flyer or were aware,” said Brady.

Carrasco-Cooper said the Greek community will be highlighting themselves more to the university throughout the semester. This will hopefully get more people involved and gain more support for the community.