Students should take ’08 campaigning seriously

Review's View

It’s a year and a half away, yet it’s on our televisions every day. It’s annoying to some, but the most important event ever to others. Well, a small majority probably have no idea what is going on.

The 2008 election will likely bring us laughs, offensive remarks and hopefully a winner the night of the election. Although if 2000 is any indication, a winner the night of the election might be a pipe dream.

It’s starting earlier than ever before for many reasons: the president and vice president can’t or won’t run again, the Iraq war and the results of the last election. However, the Review would like to think there is an underlying reason for this early start – to educate people.

College students are always criticized for not voting. We’re the real reason for MTV’s Rock the Vote campaign – we practically have to be begged to do it sometimes. Even though we’ll vote for American Idol in the millions. Despite the effort, rocking the vote won’t do anyone good when those voting aren’t informed.

With the number of candidates in the field, it can be hard to keep track of everyone’s stances, especially with, you know, flip-floppers. To aid those who are more confused than usual, there is a Web site to can help us – It keeps track of representatives and senators in terms of their voting record, and they have interest groups rate the candidates. It’s an organization that is non-biased, and will only present the facts – what particular candidates voted for or more importantly, what they didn’t even show up to vote for. This is important because no matter how many 30-second sound bites your local representative gives, all that matters is what they say when their light comes on.

The issues in this campaign have only concentrated on Iraq so far. Hopefully by ’08, more issues can be worked on and debated, but we should just stick to the issues – nothing else. Race, gender and religion in this election won’t matter. It doesn’t matter who comes up with what strategy for Iraq, it matters what the strategy is and if it’s the right one.

So while this campaign is more than a year away, keep updated. Remember what people say about the issues and educate yourself. Otherwise, there’s no reason to rock the vote in ’08. If that trend continues, there will be no reason to vote, at all. George Orwell is doing the told-you-so-dance.