Congratulation, Kaw Yearbook

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The yearbook has suffered in sales in the last few years to say the least.

It is the only hardback book that chronicles Washburn’s activities every year. However, sales have dropped significantly, with only a few hundred being sold every year, if that.

Students aren’t realizing the value in these books and how they could want them in the next few years. They are great ways to remember friends and traditions at a place that was the “greatest four (OK, five) years of their life.”

However, great news was given to the yearbook this week – they received a Pacemaker nomination for the 2006 edition. Just the nomination means this book is in the top 2 percent of yearbooks in the nation. It’s important to note there are no divisions when it comes to this award – this book competes against schools such as Kansas State University and Indiana State University.

We think this is a great opportunity to pat Karli Davis, editor of the 2006 book, on the back. We’ve seen quite a bit of the 2007 book, and it’s looking to be just as great.

This is also a perfect time to tell the administration they need to start paying more attention to this book. Because of declining sales, there has been talk among different people about discontinuing the yearbook. This doesn’t make sense. Would we cancel a basketball season after the team received a national award? No, and the yearbook shouldn’t be treated any differently either.

Students: this book chronicles your years at Washburn. It’s something you can keep till you die. It’s a book you can look at when you’re 50 and tell your kids about all of your ex’s, and obviously your best friends. It’s one of the best books in the nation – why aren’t you buying one?