Great job to Shald, Shea administration

Review's View

With elections over and the winners named for next year’s student government (see page A1), it’s a somber time for the current administration as they try and finish old projects and make the transition into a new administration. It’s also time for the student newspaper to do the obligatory “here’s what they accomplished story,” which we did in the Washburn Review Election Guide last week.

However, what is not obligatory is a column about how the editorial board feels the past administration did. But throughout this year, we believe this adminstration has worked extremely hard for the students at Washburn, and we wanted to say thank you.

Josh Shald and Molly Shea, president and vice president of WSGA have worked tirelessly to install new programs and values into Washburn students.

What they will be most remembered for is the raise in the student activity fee. In the past, there have been uproars over increases in the fee, and we have to admit we were kind of expecting one – not because the fight would make a good news story either. Washburn students don’t like an increase in tuition, and we figured they’d be just as upset about this. It takes leaders with skill to convince the student body that we can really have better student life activities on campus with an increase in the fee. Because of their hardwork, those daily newspapers are likely to stay, WUSAC will be a better program, the Campus Activities Board will be able to bring in better bands (not that the ones they bring in now are bad) and we will undoubtedly get more free stuff. The fee hasn’t been officially increased yet, but we have them to thank for all of these programs that are going to be started because of their dedication.

Both Shald and Shea have served on numerous committees for the betterment of campus. As we are in the aftermath of elections, we hear yelling from all sides, and promises from candidates to represent the students. But Shald and Shea really have done that. Their committment to making WSGA an organization that truely tries to let students consider the issues important to students.

Shald and Shea have followed through on their campaign promises and have worked hard to ensure students’ needs are met.

Next year’s administration have some big shoes to fill.

Good luck.