SRWC keeps up with changes

Switching it up The SRWC brought in the Octane 3500 XL and new Precor to help give students different types of equipment to keep their workouts interesting.

corey garriott

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center is currently trotting out new equipment for demo.

The Octane 3500 XL and the new Precor with arm movement represent the latest in cross-training machines.

“Over time, we want to keep things fresh and new,” said Joel Bluml, SRWC director. “And we’re bringing things in that are different than what we have because we want to compare them to something else.”

Since last Tuesday, there has been a table next to the new machines in the SRWC with surveys to fill out for anyone who has used the new equipment. The surveys will be available to fill out for another two or three weeks and will help determine whether the machines will be taken away, remain or if more are brought in.

“We want to offer the students what they want, and they may not know what they want unless we bring in different types of equipment,” said Bluml.

The Octane 3500 XL offers a slightly longer stride of 24 inches when compared to its contemporary, the Life Fitness Cross-trainer, which offers a 20-inch stride.

The new Precor offers a combination of arm movement and ramping, as opposed to the old Precor that offers either one or the other, but not both at the same time.

Right now, there are two of the Octane 3500 XLs and one of the new Precors.

“It’s just a different way of providing a same service,” said Bluml. “One of the barriers of exercising is your routine becomes stale.”