New endowment association house opens

Amanda Schuster

The Washburn Endowment Association has finally opened the doors of its new building. With over 10,000 square feet being renovated, the new building is sure to give WEA all the space it needs for its growing organization.

“We are very excited to be here,” said JuliAnn Mazachek, WEA president. “The building gives a homey feeling that is very welcoming.”

The move took about 10 days with the help of a moving service. Most of it was done over spring break, March 15 to 26.

The cost for renovation of the building totaled about $1.5 million. This includes the purchase of the house from its previous owner, as well as all the renovation and construction costs.

“It’s a great location,” said Mazachek. “The owner was ready to sell and we thought it was a great opportunity.”

Some of the benefits the new building will provide will be the added office space for WEA. The organization was previously located in the Bradbury Thompson Building, which is home to the Alumni Association. Now, it will have its own space and won’t have to worry about sharing the rest. Another benefit the building provides is easy and convenient access to off-campus visitors. The building provides parking on the south side, off campus, making it easier for visitors to stop by.

An open house is planned for the new building in May right before graduation, giving the whole Washburn community a chance to see the improvements of this organization over the years.

“It [the building] will function for many years to come,” said Mazachek.