Top 5 stories of the semester

Review's View

1News: Ron Wasserstein to leave Washburn Ron Wasserstein, vice president of academic affairs, will leave Washburn at the end of the summer. This will affect everything from curriculums, new faculty and the transformational experience. The VPAA has a major impact in almost all areas of academic life for students.

2News: Colleges worry about safety after Virginia Tech College campuses nationwide, including Washburn, are reviewing and stepping up their security alert measures to communicate with people on college campuses in case of an emergency. This massacre will stick in our minds for many years.

3News: Pool decision rallies students Whether or not to renovate Garrett Natatorium or Whiting Gym for the new Strength and Conditioning Facility was an easy decision for the Board of Regents, but a controversial decision among the students. While they chose to renovate Whiting Gym, pool usage still hasn’t increased. The last time students like this rallied together was over Carol Chapel.

4Sports: Golf team has winning season The Washburn golf team has four players on the All-MIAA team. Its coach, Doug Hamilton, won MIAA Coach of the Year, and Matt Ewald won MIAA Player of the Year. The team has won eight tournaments this year, and have dominated its MIAA opponents.

5A&E: Jen Say Kwah transforms music Seasoned Topeka band members joined together to form Jen Say Kw ah, and have been quite the hit. This is one band in the trend of local bands in Topeka that have had great success performing at local bars.