Jaywalking is an issue on Washburn’s campus

Daniel Wiggs

Jaywalking is an issue that Washburn police are growing more and more concerned about, especially here on campus.

At the corner of 19th and Jewell, by the southwest corner of Henderson, a majority of students are walking diagonally across the intersection instead of using the crosswalk.

“There have been times when those using the intersection have walked out in front of a vehicle to cross and have come close to being hit,” said Alan Whitford, Washburn police sergeant.

This is not only a safety issue, but it is also a legal issue as well.

“We are by all means looking out for the safety of the students, but they can be given a ticket,” said Ronette Robinson, campus resource officer for the Washburn police.

Students, however, see things another way.

“I walk that way all the time and I’ve never been hit,” said Matthew Rodriguez, senior majoring in history and philosophy. “I walk that way because that is the way the sidewalk goes and it makes more sense to just cut across.”

No matter how much sense it may make, the Washburn police believe it is something that needs to stop.

For more information you can contact, the Washburn police at 670-1153 or in Morgan Room 156.