SRWC awards Resolution Solution winners

Biggest losers Becky Wilber, SRWC assistant director, awards the winning team members of the Resolution Solution with their prizes. The Registrar Rascals were Karen Travis, Jane Stewart, Judy McCourt, Amber Traphagan and Carla Rasch

corey garriott

Resolution Solution finally met its resolution.

The third-year SRWC program enjoyed much success this year with a 56.8 percent retention rate, over 133 lbs. lost and an 18.1 percent body fat loss from its participants.

“It went really well,” said Becky Wilber, SRWC assistant director and facilitator of the program. “The retention rate was much higher than the previous two years.”

Resolution Solution was an incentive-based program in which teams of five individuals could join. Over the 12 weeks of the program, points were earned by completing activity, lifestyle and nutrition challenges coupled with losing weight.

The second biggest ‘loser’ was Janet Groundwater, plan and transfer coordinator in the admissions office. She lost 15.8 lbs.

“It was fantastic,” she said. “I really enjoyed all the opportunities and competition. I’d definitely do it again.”

Six individuals were able to lose at least 10 lbs and 14 of the 19 teams completed the program.

The winning team was the Registrar Rascals of Karen Travis, Jane Stewart, Judy McCourt, Amber Traphagan and Carla Rasch with 89 points. In addition to being healthier, they all received SRWC sweatshirts for their efforts.

Second place with 72 points were Kristin Forster, Cathy Heit, Kathy Reser, Marilynn Koelliker and Janel Rutherford of the Fitness Divas. They received SRWC cooler chairs.

And in third place was We Read Your E-mail, comprised of Michael Cook, J.D. Armstrong, Mike Tennyson, Clayton Peters and Daniel Matthis with 56 points. They received SRWC cinch bags and towels.

WU on the Move is the next SRWC program on the schedule – coming up around mid-May. The program is more individual-based with the participant wearing a pedometer and taking a certain amount of steps per day over the length of the 42-day program.