New Review going to stay on path of improvement

ReAnne Utemark

Despite my nerdy exterior, I get very excited when my Rolling Stone comes in the mail. In accordance with my nerdy exterior, I make it a point to buy the Economist on a regular basis.

As the editor in chief of the Washburn Review next year, a number of influences have contributed to the development of my newspaper philosophy. Publications from the Rolling Stone to the Economist, working with several extraordinarily talented staff members, as well as a bunch of old fashioned trial and error have helped me understand various aspects of producing a publication.

There are a couple of things I hope you, as readers, keep in mind:

1. I want to hear from you. Although, if the comment is harsh or complimentary, let it be justified.

2. I want to know what you are reacting to beyond the newspaper. Events and issues on Washburn’s campus, even outside of it, can dramatically affect the students. We know what we think you should be aware of, but we also know we can’t see every part of campus at all times.

3. Expect a sense of humor and style only found in college student publications. Please don’t expect the Review to sound like the Washington Post or the New York Times. This is a paper produced for students by students – it’s going to sound like students. However, do not mistake that to mean we’re not going to hold ourselves to high standards.

The Review has been placed on a positive trajectory in the last few years. We will do our best to keep this momentum going and expand the paper in wonderful new ways.

I can’t say this won’t be an adventure. The 2007-08 Review staff has some big shoes to fill. I look forward to serving the students, faculty, staff and alumni of Washburn.