SRWC revamps Active Ichabod program for simplicity

corey garriott

An active bod is a healthy bod, and the Student Recreation and Wellness Center has a program called Active Ichabod with that goal in mind.

And this year, Active Ichabod has been revamped to be more user friendly.

“We want to keep it simple because I think it was a little too complex,” said Becky Wilber, SRWC assistant director.

The program employs the seven dimensions of wellness: physical, intellectual, environmental, occupational, spiritual, emotional and social.

Anyone can join at anytime by submitting a form to the SRWC front desk. By completing one activity per day on the monthly activity sheet, points accrue. Points can be used toward anything from an SRWC sweat towel to an SRWC pullover.

“We promote the total wellness, but so much we do starts with the physical wellness,” said Wilber.

The bulk of activities center around 20-30 minutes of aerobic or strength exercise per day. The program is designed for moderate increases in healthy lifestyle living each day, the hope being that it’s enough to constitute a real change in behavior thoughout a period of time.

“College is a great time for students to develop a healthy routine in their life,” said Wilber, “just becoming cognizant of their well being.”