Simpsons movie full of fun, irreverent humor

Travis Perry

After grossing more than $74 million in its first weekend alone, the much anticipated “The Simpsons Movie” has certainly not let fans down. In production for six years under the same talented staff responsible for creating television’s longest-running sitcom, the minds of James L. Brooks and Matt Groening did it again.

With a mere 19 actors for the hundreds of characters within the world of Springfield, “The Simpsons Movie” seamlessly blends the humor and shtick that the show was built on with a plot fit for the silver screen.

The plot follows the basics one would expect from the mind of Groening and Brooks.

After Lake Springfield becomes horribly polluted, the town pitches together to help comply with the standards set by Environmental Protection Agency head Russ Cargill, voiced by Albert Brooks. As would be expected though, Homer, along with the help of his trusty spider-pig, manages to make the lake so contaminated that the EPA encases Springfield under a glass dome. After escaping a murderous mob out for Homer’s head, the Simpson family is on the run, trying to find a way to save their town.

The animated film ended up being rather shorter than I had expected, with a total runtime of just less than 90 minutes, but I would have gladly stayed put for another hour of Springfieldian shenanigans. For anyone who hasn’t seen the film yet, don’t go in expecting something of pure cinematic genius. When the first scene of the movie involves the famed duo of Itchy and Scratchy, you should know not to expect high-brow humor.

Overall, it was something I was certainly not disappointed, and gladly forked over my eight dollars for. While I do wish it had been slightly longer, I believe that the writers and cast did justice to the 18-year sitcom featuring America’s favorite dysfunctional family.