Greek community revs up recruitment as semester begins

Marian Lacey

The Greek community of Washburn University is setting aside all differences during recruitment this fall to try and increase participation in Greek life as a whole.

The four Pan-Hellenic sororities on campus – Alpha Phi, Delta Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta and Zeta Tau Alpha – have come together numerous times during this past week to increase knowledge of sorority recruitment and Greek life.

Publicity has been a huge focus while trying to increase participation. During the summer, mailers and postcards were sent out each month with the chapter information and applications. This year there was also a lot of participation from the Greek community in the Move Crew and Bod Blast events.

“I think that not only did the students notice the participation from the Greek community, but so did the staff, which I think is very important,” said Jessica Neumann, assistant director of Student Activities and Greek Life. “We want to have that university support all the time. I think that it’s really going to make for a successful relationship between Washburn and the Greek community.”

Neumann said there has been an increasing concern about numbers in the chapter houses during the last couple of years. Despite this, the chapters aren’t just focusing on how many people they can get in the chapter houses. She believes they are all looking for quality women who would be a good active member of the Greek Community.

For formal sorority recruitment this year there were 42 applications received and approximately 35 of those who applied participated in the recruitment events. These events, which took place this last week, included House Tour Day, Philanthropy Day, Skit Day and Preference and Bid Day. Each girl had the opportunity to go to every house to learn more about it.

“It’s more about the Greek Community pulling together and becoming united,” said Jenny Wilson, Recruitment Chair for Zeta Tau Alpha.

Unlike sororities, the fraternities on campus do not have a formal recruitment. The five fraternities are Delta Chi, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Delta Theta and Alpha Delta. Nathan Ansley, who is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, said their process of recruiting men is more by word of mouth. They also mail event flyers to high school seniors to try and spark their interest. Some events that Sigma Phi Epsilon is doing or has done in the past include bowling, poker night and joining in on campus activities such as Viva La Bod to get the word out there.

“We try to utilize school events when looking for new recruits,” said Ansley.