Activity fee low: covers more activities, programs

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While some students were not incredibly thrilled with the small increase, when comparing Washburn’s activity fee to those of other universities, it remains extremely low.

According to, University of Kansas students will pay an estimated $755 per year in required campus fees. The required campus fees are “to support services and programs on campus, such as health, recreation, transportation and student activities.”

At Kansas State University, students pay an annual privilege fee of approximately $610 when enrolled in 12 credit hours or more, according to The privilege fee K-State students pay covers health, the student newspaper, the recreation complex and other various items.

After the $12 increase initiated by last year’s student government, Washburn students pay $43 per semester in activity fees, bringing the total to a whopping $86 per school year. When looking at such a minimal amount in comparison to neighboring universities, it becomes obvious how fortunate Washburn students really are.

The activity fee at Washburn also covers more activities and programs than other universities’ fees.

Washburn’s student activity fee currently goes toward several valuable activities such as student publications, Campus Activities Board, University Childcare Development, the Dancing Blues and the cheer squad. Each of these student activities promote campus involvement which can provide students with unique experiences and also a few more resume-worthy lines.

The fee also covers some of the expenses of the Washburn Student Government Association. WSGA uses a portion of this money for projects and programs on campus. These include the collegiate readership program, student planners, WU Fest and WUSAC. WSGA also uses its portion to help fund Homecoming events and student organizations that need assistance for funding events and trips.

So even if the student activity fee is a kick in the pocketbook, students need to consider all of the wonderful things they are receiving in exchange for an extra $24 per year.