Billy Ray Cyrus leaves mullet, silly lyrics behind

corey garriott

The man with an achy breaky heart is back, minus the mullet and tight jeans.

In his latest album, “Home at Last,” Billy Ray Cyrus is just a man with a guitar, a pint of wisdom and a pocketful of songs to tug at the strings of the heart.

“Home at Last” has a sound so cozy you’d swear you were 10 years old again being tucked into bed after enjoying some homemade cherry cobbler.

The album is a blend of old covers (“Brown Eyed Girl,” “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” and “Over the Rainbow”) along with some fresh songs written by Cyrus.

The first single off it, “Ready, Set, Don’t Go,” underlines Cyrus’s relationship with his daughter Miley Cyrus – a father finding it hard to let go of a daughter who’s ready to make her own mark in the world.

“The Buffalo” was also penned by Cyrus and gives a strong account of a blue collar worker who has to tell his wife he was laid off but resolves not to change his way of life just because society dictates it.

Maybe my favorite song on the album is Cyrus’s rendition of “Over the Rainbow.” It’s so heartfelt and real, emotion oozes from the speakers.

Each song on the album flows smoothly to the next making for a seamless piece of work that’s easy to listen to. No one song stands above the rest.

Cyrus wrote of his album, “I pray this music touches your heart and soul, for it is born of mine. And if it does, then we have something in common…we are ‘Home at Last.'”

While “Home at Last” isn’t my favorite album this year and probably won’t reach wide audiences, radio would do well to take notice of something of substance rather than always playing the cheesy anthems with nothing to offer but loud noise and worn out lyrics.