Ichabods coffeehouse leaves something to be desired

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Last year, among the various movements by individual students and student organizations, the implementation of a coffeehouse on campus was a hot button issue. Advocates said a coffeehouse would provide a place for students to socialize and engage in discourse. The opposition said there were better ways to spend money. Apparently, the Union has gone down the middle and, in the process, has made no one happy.

Union Market and the Corner Store both now serve Starbucks coffee. A welcome change in light of the poor tasting stuff that Chartwells served last year. Additionally, a sign was erected, claiming simply, “Ichabods. Coming Soon.” No explanation of what Ichabods was and why Ichabods had no apostrophe. Then, suddenly, tall tables and chairs appeared in lieu of the cushioned chairs that had been in the main level of the Union right outside of the C-Store.

Apparently we have a coffeehouse now?

We’re not saying we don’t appreciate the thought. The elevated bar along the walkway is a great place for a laptop and books for doing work. However, the lower tables have just replaced the cushioned chairs and students are no longer able to watch television. They can, however, watch the one flat screen that has replaced the two televisions in the middle and lower level of the Union.

Now when passing through Ichabods, one doesn’t see as many groups of students meeting, talking and studying – wait – isn’t that what the coffeehouse was supposed to cultivate?

It would be better if the coffeehouse had a better partition between the students who are studying or visiting and the students who are just passing through the Union. When you sit at the tables in Ichabods, one feels as if they are on display. A distinctly unpleasant feeling.

We hope that the Union doesn’t stop here. A coffeehouse on campus could be a great idea, but we need to make sure it has more of a coffeehouse feel. Also, the coffee service needs to be expanded beyond just an addition to the C-Store. Students who are in a hurry to class are having to wait the same amount of time as those students who have a chance to sit down and relax in the coffee area.

Oh, and please add the apostrophe.