C-SPAN shows Washburn inside clip on national news coverage

Big time Andrew Evans, School of Law librarian, speaks with Meredith Rapp, C-SPAN Education Programs Specialist. C-SPAN stopped at Washburn as part of its College Campus Tour, where they let students know about the opportunities available with C-SPAN.

ReAnne Utemark

Washburn had a well-traveled visitor in the parking lot north of Yager Stadium at Moore Bowl. The C-SPAN Campaign 2008 bus visited the campus from 8 – 11 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 18.

According to a release from C-SPAN, the bus is on the campaign trail to promote and enhance the channel’s political coverage of the presidential elections and produce educational programs for teachers and students.

“[The campaign bus] always travels, every campaign cycle,” said Meredith Rapp, an educational programs specialist for C-SPAN. “We don’t always focus on the campaign, but always travelling.”

Since January 2007, the bus has been to 52 cities in 17 states, including 16 state capitals. On the bus, 30-minute presentations were given about the bus’s technology as well as new high definition programming being produced by C-SPAN. The presentation also included www.c-spanclassroom.org, a free service for middle school and high school teachers. The Web contains readily updated political programming that teachers can use in their classrooms in order to incorporate the 2008 presidential race into their curriculum.

Another goal mentioned by Rapp was the desire to talk directly to students about C-SPAN and it’s programming.