WSBU welcomes all students

As president for the 2007-2008 year, I would like to say on behalf of Washburn Black Student Union and Executive Board, welcome back.

What is Black Student Union? Many individuals may have their views of what Black Student Union is and may be skeptical in its purpose. But this year we are opening up our doors so that individuals can be shown the essence of why Black Student Union is not only important for the community of African Americans students on campus but also to the community of Washburn University.

The theme for this year will be “Facing the Challenges of a New Age.” Whether you want to believe it or not, racism still exists, money is a major issue in determining one’s status quo, image is everything to the public eye and there is simply too much politics in several topics that just require common sense. Do you agree with the messages that our society finds acceptable? Do you often wonder if being “united” is the same as being equal? If you are anything like me, questions like these worry me. If you are not, know that the way these questions are answered does effect the way you live. But what does all of that have to do with Black Student Union and Washburn University?

Thank you for asking, because like many of you may do, we also wonder about those questions and we also believe that the challenges we face as a nation must be overcome. In a more practical sense, we struggle with the same problems as you do. Our organization is simply a gathering for us to brainstorm and find out how we can empower one another in times of need, how we can implement any action if there are any issues that effect us and how we can partner up with one another so that we can succeed together in whatever our endeavors are. In addition, this year we are expanding our horizons because we believe that in order for “diversity” and “equality” to be successful it takes the initiative to open up to others and together find a way to overcome the challenges of a new age.

Dr. King once mentioned, “Only a leadership that learns from the past is capable of articulating a vision for the future. But each successive generation must find its own voice, its way of interpreting and understanding the world in its effort to change it.”

We are in a season when changes can occur, we have a discernment that tells us what is right and what is wrong, and we are positioned to be that next leadership for this country. My challenges to you are to move out of your comfortable state and acknowledge one another as friends. Let us begin an example so we leave a history for future generations to admire.

Justin TriplettBlack Student Union President