Bowhay: ‘Safe Ride about saving lives, not judging lifestyle’

Paige Siegel

During the past month, there have been multiple road signs covering the highways, warning us of the dangers of drinking and driving.

The Washburn Student Government Association has taken on the challenge to prevent drinking and driving among Washburn students by providing a program called Safe Ride. Well-known with students, the program has had its ups and downs.

Safe Ride was taken off of Washburn’s campus during Kate McCown’s presidential term because of issues such as taking too long to pick up the caller, a low amount of people using Safe Ride and funding reevaluation. The program was reestablished during the Josh Shald term. Shald contacted Capitol City Taxi and formed a new and improved contract with the company stating that if a Washburn student waits more than 30 minutes, then WSGA will not get charged. Vince Bowhay, the current WSGA president, is continuing the program while serving his term.

“Students need to realize that this program is designed to help save lives and not punish anyone for a lifestyle choice,” said Bowhay.

Students who use Safe Ride must be picked up from a drinking establishment and can only be dropped off at a residence. Students do not always need to be under the influence to use Safe Ride. Safe Ride provides service to any student who is in need of a ride from a drinking establishment.

“Safe Ride is an essential part of Washburn University and is an excellent use of our student activity fees,” said Chelsea Chaney, former WSGA public relations director and current special events director.

Safe Ride will advertising at Varsity Blues Bar and Barbeque, Lucky Dogs Sports Bar, Frances O’Dooley’s Irish Pub, Tailgators Sports Pub and Grub, and Skinnys Sports Bar and Grill.

Information can be found on coasters and, eventually, carabiners at these locations.