Bod with the golden top hat

Victoria Garcia

This year’s Homecoming theme, “Bod… Ichabod 007,” is one that has been patiently awaited by Washburn University.

“From what I understand, Washburn has long anticipated the 2007-2008 school year so that they would be able to have this theme,” said Washburn Student Government Association vice president Lacey Keller. “The play on words that mimics the widely known ‘Bond, James Bond’ phrase, along with how easily the Ichabod could be converted into a look-alike secret agent, made this theme all the more exciting.”

A time of tradition for much of the Washburn and Topeka community, plans for this year’s Homecoming Week began back in June. It is scheduled to take place Oct. 15-20. From Top Hat decorating to Aluminum Chefs, Tunes @ Noon to Design Your Own Spy Wear, the event roster is packed full of unique campus happenings.

“Students should make it to all of the events that they can because each one is different than the next,” said Keller.

The top highlights of the week include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

The Homecoming Ball:

Scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 15 in the Washburn Room of the Memorial Union, the Ball is when the Homecoming Court will be announced. Five males and five females will be narrowed down to one king and one queen by student body voting throughout the week. And, of course, there will be food and music.

“Hors d’oeuvres and mocktinis [martini-like drinks with no alcohol] will be served,” said Keller. “Keeping with the James Bond theme, there will also be three tables of poker and dancing in the ballroom.”

Afternoon Activities:

Set to take place 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day, this event will include a plethora of activities in the Memorial Union for students.

“Students should be sure to stop by,” said Keller. “The activities are made so that you can take a quick break from your classes or from lunch to partake in the fun.”

The “Yell like Hell” Pep Rally contest:

Described as a “must see” by Keller, it’s happening 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 17 in Lee Arena of the Petro Allied Health Center. Groups compete against one another to win the overall event. Keller said that student groups and Greek houses have been practicing their routines for the pep rally.

“We have seen everything from skits to dance routines,” said Keller. “It is the one event that students talk about throughout the year, and students just cannot miss out on it.”

A member of the Delta Gamma sorority since her freshman year, junior Lindsey Spencer is excited to perform at the rally and has been practicing with her fellow sorority members two to three days a week.

“Homecoming is a huge tradition for Greeks,” said Spencer. “We want to win but we support the other groups as well.”

The Mystery Dinner Theatre:

At 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 19, WSGA will team up with Chartwells Dining and the Memorial Union to host the Mystery Dinner Theatre program, “Danger is My Middle Name.” Located in the Washburn Room, admission will be $5 for students and $12 for non-students.

“The audience is involved throughout the production and they are given clues to see who committed the crime,” said Keller.

The Homecoming Parade and Football Game:

The best of Washburn and Topeka, the 2007 Homecoming parade is scheduled to take place 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 20, around the campus.

“The parade will include anything from antique fire trucks to floats that the student organizations and Greek houses have stayed up all night preparing,” said Keller.

Tailgating and the football game will follow. The Ichabods will face the Truman State University Bulldogs at 1 p.m.

Although James Bond is known for his violence, in the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy, Keller expressed the importance of carefully portraying the “Bod… Ichabod 007” theme and any associations that may come with it. Students have been informed repeatedly that the depictions of weapons are prohibited and any violation of this rule will be dealt with accordingly.

“I hope that this does not deter students from participating,” said Keller. “They should not think of this as a barrier, but [instead] more of an opportunity for creative outlet.”

While student turnout depends on the event, Keller believes that Homecoming is designed so that there is something for everyone during the week, with a majority of the activities and events geared toward students.

“Every year Washburn’s Homecoming crowd grows, so I am confident that this year will be bigger than ever,” said Keller.

Whether participation ends up being large or small, Keller said the response from students has already been a positive one and that the Greek community’s participation always makes Homecoming an even bigger success.

“They definitely make Homecoming what it is every year,” said Keller.

Spencer explained Homecoming Week is very important and fun for Greek life.

“It’s nice to just spend time with your friends, attend events and support the football team,” said Spencer. “I really feel that the week brings the campus closer together.”

For further information on the scheduled events of Homecoming Week, students can visit Students are also encouraged to join the Facebook group titled “Washburn Homecoming.”

Vice president Lacey Keller can be reached directly at her office phone: (785) 670-2318.